Music Nights

Wed 31 July - Vinyl Night

Tonight, the DJ decks are open! Join us for our brand new Vinyl Night, in conjunction with DJ, Mister Trevor! 

This is a Vinyl Voyage, a community turntable takeover, where the music isn't just heard, it's shared. Bring your prized LPs, singles, 12" and 7"s - dusty or gleaming, and weave your sonic tapestry into the collective soundtrack. The resurgence of vinyl isn't just about aural warmth; it's about the tangible connection to the music, the artwork, the liner notes – a story held in your hands. And what better way to amplify that story than to share it with fellow voyagers? As your needle dips, you become a curator, a DJ, a fellow music lover, spinning tales that resonate across the room. So, dust off your records, and join us on this vinyl odyssey. Grab a drink from the bar, let the music flow, stories unfold, and rediscover the joy of sharing the soundtrack of your soul!

No tickets required, just turn up on the evening with your records and enjoy. The Vinyl Night will take place in the Steam Room on the first floor from 7pm-10pm. Everyone welcome to come and listen even if you haven't got any records! 

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