5 Litre Mini Cask - approx 8.5 pints

AWARD-WNNING STEAM ALE! Order a 5L ready-filled mini cask of Steam Ale here - just £23! 

Launched at the end of 2020, this 4.5% abv ale has been brewed in honour of our new Steam Room opened in the autumn of 2020. The Steam Room displays a 1900s Towcester Railway Station sign which is on loan to us from Towcester Museum and which is directly above the rising steam from our brewhouse kettle. So it was the perfect name for this new beer!

Steam Ale is a pale ale and has been brewed with the addition of Citra and a blend of other American hops creating great citrus aromas. It won Gold in the category of 'Cask Premium Bitters' in the SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) Midlands Independent Beer Awards in 2021.

Our 5L mini casks give you approx 8.5 pints of fresh bright (no sediment) beer. Simply vent the top valve, pull out the tap and pour. If you don't empty your mini cask in the session then simply close the valve and store in a cool place and drink the rest within five days. 

NB. If the mini cask is not opened then the shelf life is approx 6 months.