Dark Mild Maius returns

May 20, 2021

Dark Mild Maius returns

The month of May is known as 'Mild Month' in CAMRA terms; an initiative to celebrate and highlight the beer style Mild, which was recently under threat of extinction due to a drop in popularity.

We're doing our bit to revive this style of Mild beer, by brewing one of our seasonal favourites, Maius. We missed out on brewing Maius in May 2020 so it's been a couple of years since it was available on draught!

Maius, the old English name for May, is a dark mild ale at 3.6%. Mild ales are black to dark brown to pale amber in colour due to the use of well-roasted malts or roasted barley, and come in a variety of styles from warming roasty ales to light, refreshing thirst quenchers. Alcohol levels are typically low which is why Maius is the perfect pint for lighter summer evenings.

Come and check it out! We're now open from 3pm Thursday to Saturday and from 12pm on Sunday. No booking required. Cheers!