• Our Brewery


We first installed our brewery in 2013. It is a five brewers barrel brew plant which can output as much as five brewers barrels at a time, which is just over 800 litres or about 1,450 pints of beer per brewing session.

Our beer is made from just four natural ingredients: malted barley, water (liquor), hops and yeast. The basic idea is to extract the sugars from grains for flavouring, colour and so that the yeast can consume the sugars and turn the wort into alcohol and CO2, thus creating beer.

Our brewing process starts with measuring out the ingredients from one of our brew recipes. The first ingredient is Barley that has gone through the malting process (how malt is made). The malt is combined with water (brewery liquor) in our mash tun and steeped to extract the sugars. The resulting wort is then pumped into the copper and boiled along with bittering and aroma hops to impart flavour and character. The hopped wort is then pumped into one of our fermentation vessels where yeast is added, and the wort is left to ferment into beer over a three to four day time period. After fermentation we pump our beer directly into casks which are then rolled into our cellar for maturation.