Hop harvesting

September 20, 2023

Hop harvesting

Once in a while the team here at the Mill are allowed out of the brewery - and one of the highlights of the brewing year is the annual hop harvest.

Always at the beginning of September, brewers are invited to a HopWalk courtesy of hop specialists, Charles Faram, to see the green hops out in their natural environment and to bring them back for brewing. From seeing them out in their fields, to being harvested and brought back to the farm for baling, we are then able to bring back kilos of fresh green hops ready for brewing, which we can only do just once a year.

A big thank you to Charles Faram for showing us around the farm - what a fascinating place where the hops smell so good! 

Watch this space for news of our seasonal Fresh Hop beer - coming to the Tap Room very soon...