Launch of Watermeadow Gin

December 14, 2019

Launch of Watermeadow Gin

We have launched our very own brand new gin range!

Watermeadow Gin is available in three different varieties; London Dry at 43% abv, Lime and Guava at 40% abv and Forest Fruits and Cinnamon at 40% abv.

Our traditional London Dry Gin has a unique blend of nine different botanicals, including meadowsweet, dandelion, burdock and marshmallow, all inspired by our location adjacent to the water meadows. "Watermeadow Gin has been in our thoughts for some time," explained Tap Room manager, Sam Milthorpe. "It's our first branded bespoke gin and we're very excited! We wanted to bring together a range which complemented the real ale we already produce and our English single malt spirit, Tove Mill. Where we are located is a huge inspiration for all of us here - it seemed very apt to name it after the beautiful setting we are so lucky to be next to and to take inspiration from what can naturally be found in the water meadows."

We launch our gin today, on Saturday 14 December, and we are offering a 10% introductory offer to all those who purchase a bottle from our Brewery Shop on this date. Samples will be available so come ready to try before you buy! Watermeadow Gin starts at £18 for a 35cl bottle. 70cl bottles also available from £32.

If you'd like to contact the shop directly beforehand or have any queries please call them on 01327 437560 or email