National Cask Ale Week

September 23, 2021

National Cask Ale Week

It's National Cask Ale Week! Running from today until 3 October, the Week is an annual reminder of the importance of real ale in community pubs.

To help celebrate and support this campaign, we have seven of our own beers on the bar this weekend!

Old Mill Bitter 3.6% abv
Crooked Hooker 3.8% abv
Mill Race 3.9% abv
Bell Ringer 4.4% abv
Steam Ale 4.5% abv
Black Fire 5.2% abv
...and our brand new Fresh Hop at 4.1% abv which will be out on draught tomorrow! 

Because Fresh Hop is brewed with the freshest hops we can create a beer that gives completely different characteristics, flavours and aromas. This year Fresh Hop has been made with Pilgrim hops which impart a traditional English bitterness. It's flavour notes include spice, cedar and honey.

We look forward to seeing you!

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