Terms & Conditions - Room Hire



This document contains the Terms & Conditions for room hire held at Towcester Mill Brewery (TMB). All hirers are bound by the conditions of hire and by booking a room agree to these conditions. TMB reserves the right to refuse any booking.


‘TMB’ – Towcester Mill Brewery or its employees
‘Hirer’ – the person or organization taking responsibility for renting a room or rooms in the premises managed by TMB


2.1 MALT ROOM – the Malt Room is TMB’s main function room available for hire. It is located on the second floor of the Mill up two flights of stairs.
1. Maximum capacity of the Malt Room is 80, excluding bar staff and band/DJ
2. The room has its own private bar, stage and dance floor
3. There are no catering facilities, but details of caterers and street food vendors can be given on request
4. TMB is licensed for the sale of alcohol and for public entertainment so no additional licences need to be gained for the event
5. There is wheelchair access, an accessible toilet on the ground floor and a lift
6. There are male and female toilets on the first and second floors
7. Guest Wi-Fi is available for hirers free of charge. Wi-Fi details are displayed in the room
8. Fire exits are via the main central stairs and side stairs leading to the side of the building. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times
9. The third floor of the building is occupied by tenants and is not accessible to hirers.

2.2 TURBINE ROOM – the Turbine Room is TMB’s secondary function room available for hire. It is located on the first floor of the Mill up one flight of stairs.
1. Maximum capacity of the Turbine Room is 30
2. The room does not have its own private bar, stage or dance floor
3. There must be no loud music or dancing in the Turbine Room
4. All other details as listed above (points 3-9) remain the same as per the Malt Room.


3.1 You must be aged 18 or over before we will consider your application to hire a room
3.2 The room may be used for any purpose in keeping with the aims and values of TMB
3.3 To make your initial enquiry you must first register interest and request a date for the event by either completing the form on TMB’s website www.towcestermillbrewery.co.uk, emailing TMB on events@towcestermillbrewery.co.uk or telephoning 01327 437060 during office hours. A date is considered booked once the deposit has been paid; payment of deposit constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions
3.4 Please see appendix for minimum booking periods. You must keep strictly to the period of hire specified in your booking form. You must vacate the premises at the agreed time and leave it in a fit state for use at the end of the event
3.5 All booking confirmations will be confirmed by email following a successful enquiry. The booking will only be secured when the initial deposit of £100 has been received. Balance of the room hire fee must be paid four weeks before the event date
3.6 Refunds will be given on the following sliding scale: Full refund of deposit with four weeks + notice before balance has been paid, full room hire fee minus the deposit with three weeks’ notice, 50% of the full room hire minus the deposit with two weeks’ notice, no refund with one week’s notice
3.7 TMB reserves the right to terminate any booking when the balance has not been paid four weeks prior to the event date or when the plans for the event are considerably different to that made when placing the booking.


4.1 Hirers will be invoiced at the point of booking. A booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been received
4.2 The invoice will be emailed to the hirer and payment should be made via the website by card. Payment can be made via the phone by card on request
4.3 Non-payment of invoices may result in the booking being cancelled. All reasonable attempts to receive payment will be made by TMB before the booking is cancelled.


5.1 The hirer is responsible for their own conduct, as well as the conduct of their guests, at all times. This includes the areas immediately outside the Mill
5.2 Hirers are reminded that because of the residential nature of the neighbourhood, noise must be kept to a minimum, especially when leaving the premises. Hirers must ensure that their event is conducted in such a manner as to cause minimum disturbance to other occupants of the building. Amplified music must be moderated and we reserve the right to impose specific maximum sounds pressure levels if deemed necessary
5.3 TMB aims to ensure the room is neat, clean and tidy. However if you do break or discover broken furniture, fixtures or fittings you must report it to your bar supervisor during your event. Broken or damaged equipment may be recoverable from the hirer at full cost
5.4 You are welcome to decorate the room, however you must not drive tacks, nails, drawing pins, screws or other similar items into the walls, doors, floors or woodwork, nor use blu-tac to fix decorations to the walls. You are welcome to use sellotape on the iron beams, or use ribbon to hang balloons or bunting. You must take every care to avoid damaging the paintwork. Confetti (or confetti balloons) must not be used in the room. Any helium gas bottles brought in must be removed and taken off the premises at the end of the night
5.5 Bin bags will be provided for you to use to clear away as much as possible before the end of the evening. TMB will dispose of the rubbish for you but help in clearing away is required. Any additional, excessive clearing up found to be necessary will be charged to the hirer
5.6 You are responsible for your personal possessions and of those of your guests. TMB does not accept any responsibility for lost equipment or personal possessions. Hirers and their guests are advised to keep all personal belongings with them at all times. Hirers must not leaver any items overnight unless agreed with TMB.
5.7 Violent or abusive behaviour will result in those involved being asked to leave immediately. Violence against a member of staff will not be tolerated and may lead to prosecution
5.8 In accordance with the law, all areas inside the Mill are strictly no-smoking / no vaping.
5.9 Anyone under the age of 18 will not be served alcohol. With the exception of alcohol, it is illegal to consume any substance of abuse in the Mill at any time, nor may a hirer or their guests enter the building heavily under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. TMB reserves the right to refuse entry or remove such persons as deemed necessary.
5.10 No gambling is allowed on the premises
5.11 By accepting these terms and conditions you accept that the bar and all music will cease at 11pm, with the building to be vacated by 11.30pm
5.12 A public WiFi connection is available for use by the guests attending an event at the Mill. Such use must not be excessive or bring the reputation of TMB into disrepute. You must at no time listen to, view or download offensive or illegal materials
5.13 Please note tablecloths are not provided.


6.1 Hirers will be issued an information booklet which will detail the fire safety equipment and the fire exits. Hirers must familiarize themselves with the location of the fire extinguishers and the fire exits before the event commences
6.2 Tables and/or chairs must not be sited in front of any fire exit, nor any firefighting equipment be concealed from view
6.3 Hirers must not store or accumulate rubbish in the room or on the landings
6.4 The use of naked flames or candles is not permitted at any time
6.5 You must not bring any explosive, toxic, hazardous or highly flammable substance in the building at any time
6.6 Helium gas canisters must be removed from the building at the end of the event
6.7 Temporary electrical equipment and electric apparatus should ideally be PAT tested prior to the event and must be entirely removed as soon as the need for them has finished
6.8 In accordance with the law, all areas inside the Mill are strictly no-smoking / no vaping.

In the event of any danger, evacuate the building; lives are more important than property or personal possessions. If in doubt get out.


7.1 The car park outside the Mill is a Pay & Display car park run by an independent parking company. It is available on a first come, first served basis, and TMB cannot guarantee spaces will be available to your guests for your event
7.2 Pay & Display times are applicable from Monday-Saturday until 5pm
7.3 Parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and TMB cannot accept any liability for cars parked in the car park
7.4 Overnight parking is only allowed by prior agreement with Towcester Mill Brewery and all parking tickets must be displayed as necessary
7.5 There is additional free parking on nearby Northampton Road and Richmond Road, within walking distance from the Mill.


8.1 After the event we may ask for photos of the decorated room for our future marketing and publicity purposes. No names or photos of people will be used without the hirer’s prior consent.

Questions about these Terms & Conditions should be sent to us at events@towcestermillbrewery.co.uk.