3 x 500ml Saxby's Cider

If you like cider then this option of buying three bottles of Saxby's Cider might be just the thing you're looking for!

Choose three bottles from:

  • Saxby's Original Cider - uses a blend of bittersweet and dessert apples for a perfect balance of tannins and acidity. 500ml, 5% 
  • Saxby's Blackcurrant Cider - blended with blackcurrant juice, a classic take on cider and black – bold and bursting with flavour. 500ml, 3.7%
  • Saxby's Plum Cider - blended with plum juice to create a mouth-watering medley of mists and mellow fruitfulness. 500ml, 3.8%
  • Saxby's Rhubarb Cider -  a match made in sparkling cider heaven! A light cider with a balance of sweetness and acidity with a full rhubarb finish. 500ml, 3.5%

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