9G Cask - incl. refundable deposit

Having a party or maybe celebrating a wedding? These casks, which hold around 72 pints, are perfect for large gatherings (please check current restrictions). Serve fresh bright Towcester Mill beer straight from the cask and we'll supply you with two chocks, a tap, peg and instructions so you can tap the beer yourself! From £190*, it's great value at just £1.95 per pint!

The beer is supplied 'bright', which means there is no sediment, and the charge for racking the beer is included in this price per cask. 

Please email us on shop@towcestermillbrewery.co.uk if you have any queries or if you'd like to enquire about the availability of a different beer.

Once collected we recommend that the beer should be consumed within 3 days. Please note this is based on storing the beer at a temperature of 12 degrees

NB: Please ensure you allow 72 hours between purchase and collection. This product is Pick Up only.

*Included in the total price is a £50 refundable deposit once the cask, taps, pegs and chocks are returned back to the brewery, clean and undamaged, within 14 days.