10 Litre Draught Beer Box - approx 17 pints

Our non-return beer boxes offer you fresh bright (no sediment) Towcester Mill beer in an easy to pour polypin (bag-in-box). Perfect for thirsty real ale fans for when you can't get to the pub or when you want to enjoy quality draught beer at home!

You can choose any of the beers listed below, subject to availability. Stock is limited due to the space on the racks. 10L will give you approx 17 equivalent pints.

If you have any queries regarding your order please email us on shop@towcestermillbrewery.co.uk any time or call on 01327 437060 Tuesday-Friday.

Once collected we recommend that the beer should be consumed within 3 days. Please note this is based on storing the beer at a temperature of 12 degrees.

NB: Please ensure you allow 72 hours between purchase and collection. This product is Pick Up only.